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Ray Martinez Legacy

Born out of the multicultural dynamics of New York, Legacy was created with the idea of connecting musical concepts of both Africa and the African Diaspora. This musical innovation fuses Afro-Jazz (Latin Jazz), the Blues, Funk and Folkloric rhythms of the Caribbean to create a familiar yet new sound. Listen to some examples below.

 The examples above have been edited

and are not in their original arrangements.

Ray’s Quartet

Ray’s Quartet consist of an outstanding line up Musicians interpreting a wide variety of musical genres. His repertoire includes enchanting songs from the Caribbean such as Cha Cha Cha , tropical boleros, and swinging Mambos. This versatile group also has the ability to combine famous Jazz tunes with Latin rhythms. Shifting over to Brazil, Ray’s Quartet, can transport you overseas with the fabulous sounds of Bazanova and Samba. And for those of you who enjoy Listening to classical Jazz, Ray has selected the most popular tunes with traditional Jazz.


Sabor Criollo

Sabor Criollo has been created with the idea to please the taste of the most demanding public, listener and dancer. With its exceptional and hard driving sound, it has been categorized as one of the most outstanding and respected groups in New York City. Sabor Criollo has a vast repertoire within the musical genre that today we call “Salsa.”

On his way along the paths of music, this acclaimed conductor left indelible prints in the genres of salsa, and has prominently taken his place in Latin American's popular music with his Sabor Criollo.

Written by: Roberto Geronimo


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